Digital Strategies LLC helps small and mid-size businesses put their websites to work.

A business website is a tool that should support and strengthen your company in many ways, including generating more business for you. A pretty face is nice, but in today’s economy, businesses can’t afford assets that don’t contribute to the bottom line.

Digital Strategies does not design websties, so we are free to work for you, providing a frank assessment of your site and plans for improving it.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Take a fresh look. Does your website know what business you are in?
  • Assess ease of use. Can your customers find what they want?
  • Analyze your audience. Is your audience local, regional, national, international?
  • Optimize for search engines. Can prospective customers find you?
  • Boost web marketing: Who are your ideal customers? How can you find more like them?
  • Analyze strategy. Do you know what you want your website to accomplish for you?

Our proposition: Try a modest package and see if we can make a difference for you. When you see results, then you can add a larger package of services.